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The 7 Things To Know About Total Video in Australia

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

The 7 Things To Know About Total Video

Over the past few months we have been sharing our pilot total video study, known as The 7 Things To Know About Total Video. Conducted in Q4 2018, we examined a typical day of video viewing using a large-scale diary study of more than 1,500 Australians aged 14 to 54.

The study looked at consumption across platforms, devices, age-groups, time of day and content genres, with the following seven key findings :

1. TV still has the largest share of total viewing minutes, but younger viewers consume a greater share of SVOD and YouTube

2. More younger (Gen Z) viewers watched any video in the last day, and they watched more total minutes due to increased daytime consumption

3. More than half of households have access to paid TV services, with 51% having access to Netflix. Niche SVOD offerings tend to show notable profile skews

4. The most used video device is the TV screen – especially for TV viewing, and almost all video viewing (97%) is consumed in home

5. Less than half (40%) of total video viewing is co-viewed – it is higher for TV, TVOD and DVD, but lower for YouTube and SVOD

6. Drama is the most consumed genre in terms of total video minutes – but different platforms have a higher/lower genre share in terms of viewing minutes

7. TV still accounts for the largest share of advertising-supported viewing minutes, but it is lower for younger (especially Gen Z) viewers

For further information about this study, please contact us or download the lite version here.



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