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How we watch with our bedroom eyes

One of the key benefits of modern TV is that we can now watch it anytime and anywhere. However, despite having the ability to watch in the outside world, our earlier work showed that most video viewing (97%) is consumed within the home.

Furthermore, recent data from Sky Media in the UK suggested that most TV content was still watched in the lounge room (89%), but hinted that it was slightly lower for BVOD (78%) and SVOD services (63%). This made us wonder whether there might be other viewing differences outside the lounge room, and so we focussed our attention on the next most common room – the bedroom!

In-home Viewing : % viewing minutes by home location and age group

To investigate our bedroom behaviour, we looked at data from 2,107 Australians collected as part of our Total Video Consumption Report in Q1 2020. The data showed that :

  • Total Share : 27% of total video viewing occurred in the bedroom, compared to 68% of viewing that occurred in the lounge room

  • Viewing by age : Bedroom viewing share was higher for 18 to 34s (40%), and lower for 35 to 49s (24%) and 50 to 69s (12%)

  • Co-viewing : Bedroom viewing made up a higher share of solus viewing (33%) and less for co-viewing (16%)

  • Device : More than half (56%) of bedroom viewing occurred on a digital device (e.g. laptop, smartphone, tablet), compared to just 14% of lounge room viewing

  • Platform : There was a greater share of SVOD and YouTube viewing in the bedroom, but less TV (inc. BVOD) viewing, as compared to the lounge room

  • Genre : When compared to the living room, there was a greater share of Comedy content viewed (18% vs. 9%) in the bedroom, but less News & Current Affairs (2% vs. 9%).

Understanding the differences in viewing may present opportunities for media businesses and advertisers. For example, it may make sense to promote more Comedy content on a known bedroom viewing device. This might also extend to promoting different bedroom-related products within certain platforms and content (I mean mattresses, of course).

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