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There’s lots to like about likeable TV programs

WARC has delivered us an early Christmas present by publishing our research for Network 10, which shows that ads contained within liked programs were more effective.

Here is the summary :

Revisits program liking with up-to-date information and tests the effectiveness of advertising in an on-demand TV viewing environment.

  • An experiment was conducted which exposed respondents to one of twelve 20-minute programme treatments featuring popular Network 10 TV shows with advertising, in a viewing environment similar to BVOD;

  • The study found that liking across the 36 programs tested, amongst those who watched, was high – with an average of 4.0 out of 5, but those shows/genres that had the highest likeability were not the most watched;

  • News programming was the most-watched genre (based on average program viewing in the past 12 months) but had the lowest likeability scores amongst those who viewed, while drama was the least-watched program genre, but had the highest likeability scores;

  • In line with the broader academic work, the results showed that ads contained within liked programs were more effective.

Likeability / Purchase Intent by Program Likeability

To read more, and if you have a subscription - it's available here :



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