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Nielsen finds streaming makes up 19% of total TV usage in the US

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Nielsen has released it’s latest Total Audience Report in the US.

While I haven’t seen the final report, there’s some great nuggets peppered through this article on the Hollywood Reporter :

Total TV Screen Time / Usage of Video Streaming :

  • Adults spent an average of almost five hours per day watching video on a TV screen – including linear TV or streaming via a connected device;

  • Streaming now makes up 19 percent of total TV usage in OTT-capable homes in the last three months of 2019, up from 10 percent in the first quarter of 2018;

  • Netflix accounted for the largest share of that streaming with 31 percent of usage. YouTube follows with 21 percent, while Hulu grabs 12 percent and Amazon 8 percent. The remaining 28 percent goes to all other streaming brands — including Disney+ and Apple TV+.

Subscription to Streaming Video Services :

  • Nielsen surveyed 1,000 adults who use streaming video or audio and found 60 percent, subscribed to more than one video service;

  • Adults 18-34 were the most likely to have multiple subscriptions, with nearly half (47 percent) saying they have at least three subscriptions compared with 30 percent for the entire sample;

  • 93 percent of survey respondents who use a streaming service said they would keep or increase the number of platforms they subscribe to, with only 3 percent planning to drop one or more (4 percent were unsure).

We have been collating similar information in Australia, and will be sharing more on this soon as part of our Total Video Consumption in Australia report coming in April 2020. Please do reach out if you’d like to know more.



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