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Is mobile-only a smart move for Quibi?

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

One of the key standouts of CES this year was Quibi. At the event, the company showcased their “turnstyle” technology, which allows the viewer to move between portrait mode viewing and landscape viewing. For this reason, the service is designed exclusively for mobile devices. But is this a smart move?

Two years ago I wrote an article for Internet Retailing on the importance of considering different device types when developing an e-commerce strategy. We have since collected up-to-date stats for daily digital habits, including the share of short-form video users by desktop, smartphone and tablet devices on a typical day. While the results show that there is high daily usage for mobile (smartphones/tablets), still about a third of usage occurred on desktop.

Short-form video: Claimed usage by device

Furthermore, this data doesn’t include connected TV, which we’ve seen grow in other (longer form) video viewing – and we have reported that more than half of all BVOD is consumed on a TV screen.

We think the smart thing for Quibi to do, would be to be available on all digital devices, and not limit themselves to mobile? What do you think?



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