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Has out-of-home video viewing taken off?

I’ve recently returned from a few weeks of business travel across Asia and Europe. Not only did I enjoy many local cuisines, but I also changed up my regular media diet – consuming various local and international TV channels, as well as other forms of video on the go, such as on the plane!

This kind of out-of-home video consumption has become a hot topic for many media businesses. In fact, it was recently reported that Nielsen US will integrate out-of-home viewing into its national TV ratings.

While this is an important development in media measurement, we must remember that most viewing still occurs in the home. For example, in our recent pilot study on total video, known as the 7 Things To Know About Total Video, we found that the overwhelming majority of longer-form video viewing for Australians aged 14 to 54 occurred in the home (97%), with the remaining 3% being consumed in-transit, at work/school or somewhere else. Even on smartphone devices, 90% of longer-form video minutes were consumed in the home.

Total Video - viewing minute by location / device

Like the information contained in The Variety article, we did see above-average out-of-home viewing for selected genres, including music (5%), sport (5%) and movies (4%), but even for these categories, almost all viewing is still done in the home.

One genre that was noticeably different in our data was news. While we are strong supporters of passive measurement, this difference might suggest that portable audio-matching technology may be picking up a lot of background noise (like the news channels that are often found in airport lounges). Regardless, we know from research that passive attention to advertising does have sales impact, therefore capturing this exposure is still relevant.

And so, while we can now watch our favourite shows anytime or anywhere, we must remember that out-of-home viewing for longer form video is yet to really take off in Australia, and that most viewing is still done in the home.



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