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Can AI technology help us better understand what makes good video creative?

Back in May 2018, I had the great privilege to present at the ASI 2018 conference in Singapore. It attracts some of the best minds in media measurement and video.

Can Al Technology help us better understand what makes good video creative?

At the conference, I shared some new work on how AI tech could help us to analyse video creative. Here is the blurb :

Marketers are increasingly turning to digital platforms to reach their customers and audiences with video content. But, despite the increased level of investment, there is still a limited understanding of how creative impacts video views and engagement for these platforms.

Peter Hammer from the Marketing Scientist Group shares the results from a brand new study, looking at hundreds of videos across multiple categories. By leveraging artificial intelligence (machine learning and computer vision) technology, the study aims to decode creative, at scale, to assist marketers to understand what works and optimize their video strategy.

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This post was originally posted on the Marketing Scientist Group blog :

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