• Peter Hammer

Binge and the appeal of younger streaming audiences

Updated: Jun 10

AdNews Australia has reported that new SVOD service Binge will bring an "exciting new brand to younger streaming audiences with a very different and compelling product experience". This is playing (pun intended!) to heavier category users of streaming services …

In our recent report called the Science of Streaming we found that younger people (18 to 34s) were heavier category users of SVOD services - more have access to at least one service in their household (88%), and they have access to more services on average (2.5). Not surprisingly, we also found that they consumed more SVOD minutes too, as a share of the total video minutes we measured.

We have more data like this in our report the Science of Streaming. To download the report, please visit: https://www.totalvideo.co/science-of-streaming-download


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