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The Science of Streaming

2020 will undoubtedly be a big year for the streaming wars - with a number of global players, like Disney+ and Apple TV+ having now entered the Australian market, as well as a number of new local and global operators likely to make a play within the year.


In this first release of the 2020 Total Video Report series, we look to understand how the SVOD market is changing in Australia, and align this data with key principles of brand growth. 


In this presentation, you will learn about :


  • The growth in household access and usage of SVOD brands since Q4 2018

  • The difference between heavy and light SVOD category users

  • The share of SVOD brand subscriptions versus viewing time

  • The user profiles of paying subscribers

  • The perceived product differences between SVOD brands

  • The appeal of ad-supported SVOD services and a key new global entrant

The Science of Streaming

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