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Have Australians got time for a Quibi?

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Quibi — the mobile phone app that’s centered on short, bite-sized original programming — launched on April 6 (US time). According to the ABC, there's no Australian official release date yet, although it appears to be available (see update below). But should we expect that Australians will flock to the service once it is available?

To investigate, we showed a recent promo clip for Quibi as part of our February wave of the Total Video Consumption report, and asked a small but representative sample of Australians (n = 332) about it.

From the research, we discovered :

  • Only 5% of those surveyed had heard of Quibi before showing them the promo clip;

  • Less than half (45%) claimed to like the advertisement clip we showed them for Quibi, and that those who liked the clip were more likely (+53%) to subscribe to it;

  • Fewer people claimed they would be likely to subscribe to Quibi (-33%), when compared to another upcoming subscription video product, HBOMax, which we also tested;

  • Men (+6%), 18 to 34s (+34%) and those in larger 3+ HHs (+21%) were more likely to subscribe to Quibi;

  • Intent to subscribe was 21% higher for those who already subscribed to SVOD service like Netflix and Disney+.

Quibi: Likelihood to subscribe to Quibi (Australia - Feb 2020)

We'll be sharing more from the report in the coming months. If you'd like to know more, please contact us at

(Updated - 8 April : We have been able to download/start my free 90 day trial from the Australian Apple App Store. Subscription appears to be A$12.99 (Ad Free))



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